Any booking or payment made is a confirmation that the terms and conditions have been read, understood and agreed upon by every client.

Safarii (Pty)Ltd

Booking Terms & Conditions

This new Booking Terms & Conditions come into effect from 01 July 2019.

(1) Language

All tours are conducted in English.

(2) The Nature of our Tours & Safaris

Camping tours are of an adventure travel nature. All clients on tour agree to help out with certain chores, such as keeping the inside of vehicles and the camp grounds rubbish free. South Africa is renowned for it’s dangerous wild life, especially snakes. Always be alert in the camp area for snakes and other dangerous animals, which should be reported immediately to your guide or camp personnel. Temperatures in summer(Dec=Mar) are extremely high, and low in winter(Jun-Aug). Ensure that you have sufficient protection for the sun, and enough warm clothing for the winter.

(3) Accommodation

Accommodation is camping in permanently pitched safari tents, equipped with a bed, mattress and cover, blanket and pillow for each client. Accommodation is sharing if necessary, otherwise each separate booking will have their own accommodation. Each tent is fitted with an electric light and storage space. Chalet upgrades are bedded with linen/bedding provided. En suite shower/toilet, but clients need to provide their own towel and toiletries. Luxury tents have bed linen and towels provided. Safarii travel company reserves the right to move, change or alter its tour accommodation venues at any given time. This will always be done in the best interest of the safaris and our clients. In such an event, clients will be notified before their tour departure date and will be refunded for any Upgrade costs paid by client, if alternative upgraded accommodation cannot be provided.

(4) Tour pick-up and drop-off

All clients depart from the O.R Tambo airport at 7am. The transfer vehicle will be at the bus terminal at the airport. It is the clients responsibility to arrive at the bus terminal at least 30 minutes prior to the departure time. Direct pickups or drop offs at the listed accommodations in Johannesburg and surrounds will be arranged accordingly. It is the clients responsibility to inform us, upon booking, their place of stay before and after the tour. Safarii will arrange personally or with a sub-contracted operator or shuttle service, transport/transfers to and from Johannesburg and/or nearby airports/places of stay to the camp should the clients fly in or self drive to Hoedspruit or Nelspruit and surrounds. In the event of a client missing the departure, an alternative means of transport will be negotiated. Return shuttle arrivals are normally from 4pm to 6pm at the O.R Tambo airport bus terminal. All clients are transported by Safarii or a sub contracted operator/shuttle service to the departure point in Hoedspruit/Nelspruit.

(5) Luggage

Luggage space is limited on all tours; therefore each client is allowed one large backpack, a day pack, camera bag and sleeping bag. The tour operator will not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to these items. It is the client’s own responsibility to collect all luggage and personal effects at the end of a tour. The tour operator will not be responsible to drop off left luggage or forward such by parcel-postage, unless any such costs incurred is refunded by the client to the tour operator

(6) Change in Itineraries

It is imperative, and remains the client’s responsibility, to ensure that the content of a tour itinerary is read and understood, before a tour is booked. Tour Itineraries will only be changed when it would be in the best interest of the client. Itineraries have to be flexible due to unforeseen circumstances – change in surrounding conditions, on-tour breakdowns, or any other reason. Due to the nature of these, the itinerary of the tour booked could change without the possibility of prior notice. From time to time permanent changes can be made to itineraries, to suit the needs of clients or to change an activity due to problems being experienced with places of accommodation or sub-contractors. Permanent changes to itineraries will be updated on our website and emailed to all agents. In the event of such changes no refunds will be offered or given.

(7) Age Group

Children under 18 years of age need to be accompanied by an adult. Infants and toddlers are not permitted, except in exceptional circumstances and where prior permission had been obtained.

(8) Tour Prices and Payments

All tour prices, as well as certain additional costs are listed on our website. All prices on the price-list are quoted in South African Rands (ZAR), and irrespective of any foreign exchange conversion, the final result of your payment must equal the total ZAR payable. Payments can be made with Direct Deposits, Electronic Transfer or Credit Card, or cash payments direct to Safarii personnel. Tour prices will not change after a booking has been confirmed. Advertised prices, however, may change without prior notice.

(9) Availability / Booking Confirmation

Bookings are only deemed “confirmed” once you have received confirmation in writing from the tour operator. Apart from special arrangements with certain agents of the tour operator, a booking will only be confirmed when a 25% deposit has has been paid. When changing the departure date of your tour, this needs to be made 1 month in advance to be accepted by the tour operator, subject to availability.

(10) Insurance

Clients must have personal comprehensive travel insurance covering cancellation, curtailment, medical, emergency trail and personal accident.

(11) Medical Conditions & Dietary Requirements

It is of the utmost importance that that we are notified, in advance, of any such condition and/or preferences to enable the guide(s) to properly prepare and/or provide for these situations.

(12) Malaria

All clients doing a tour to Kruger National Park, must take a course of malaria prophylactics as prescribed. An insect repellent is also recommended, especially during the warm season(Oct-April).

(13) Damage to property and/or equipment

Should any client damage, or causes damage to the property of the tour operator such as camping equipment, vehicles, trailers etc. (on purpose or through negligence), the client will be held responsible for the cost to repair or replace such damaged property. This excludes normally accepted wear and tear.

(14) Personal Injury

Clients should use common sense while on tour to avoid personal injury. Neither the tour operator nor any sub-operator or sub-contractor will be held responsible for injuries or the cost thereof, to any client/s, where the situation was out of the guide/driver/operator’s control. The above includes clients walking into objects, falling over objects or slipping in wet conditions.

(15) Photographs & Video Material

The Operator reserves the right to make use of, (without giving any notice) any photograph or film produced, without payment or permission.

(16) Complaints

If any clients have a complaint whilst being on tour, they must bring it to the guide’s attention so that it can be dealt with. If the matter is not resolved on tour, the client must email the tour operator upon completion of the tour.

(17) The Law

The client agrees to comply with the laws and regulations of all the countries visited while on tour, and comply with all reasonable instructions of the trip leader, driver or guide relating to the safety and organization of the tour and participants.

(18) Exclusion of Liability

The tour operator, or its employees, or any tour operator operating the tour, shall not be held responsible for any accident, illness, injury, loss, or death, or delays, from any cause whatsoever sustained, or suffered by any person, or theft of, or damage to any property, which might occur during the tour. Any claims arising shall be subject to South African Law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the South African courts.


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